The end of a marriage if often tumultuous. It can be a relief to some people, but it can also be really stressful – or maybe even both. For some, it is also very sad as your hopes and dreams are shattered.

Whether or not you chose to leave, you may experience intense feelings that may be painful or difficult. You may experience very intense feelings that can be confusing to include: Grief, Guilt, Anger, Fear, Shame and Anxiety

If children are involved, the stress or guilt levels may be even higher.

What makes my practice effective is that I have experienced and healed from my own divorce. Without judgement, I will assist you in processing your feelings regarding the ending of the relationship to include forgiveness which is a tool to set you free of guilt, pain and resentment. Then we will work together to consciously create a new vision of your life to move forward in life with acceptance, a healthy mindset and hope.
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