I offer my services to individuals and couples via convenient online video appointments. You can assess my services from the comfort of your own home and surroundings, or even on the go, via computer or mobile devices with a stable internet connection. The video consultations are powered by by OnCall Health, a Canadian company that is committed to complete privacy between healthcare providers and their clients. Research has shown that e-Therapy is as effective, if not more so than in person counselling. If you prefer face to face counselling, I have two office locations in Sarnia and Chatham-Kent.

I have practiced for over 24 years, helping individuals and couples overcome difficulties and challenges.

I provide counselling to adults, couples, families and children for a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues to include depression, anxiety, grief, stress, conflicts, divorce, loss of a relationship, anger and wellness. I have experience treating PTSD in military personnel, first responders and individuals who have gone through traumatic events and accidents. Because of the sensitive nature of trauma, I only treat clients with dealing with trauma in my office in face to face meetings. I have also worked extensively with individuals on wellness issues, personal growth and improving their overall quality of life.

I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client’s needs in a comfortable and supportive environment. My goal is relate to each of client’s as a human being to assist and empower them to strive toward health and wellness.


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